Saturday, July 11, 2009

North Twin Arch - Big South Fork NR&R

Wow! I never knew we had sandstone arches to rival, in size and quantity, those found in the West right here in our own backyard. They are all the more awesome in the way they surprise the hiker. You round a bend on the trail in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area and towering above you is North Twin Arch (pictured here.) And even more amazing is that in just another minute on the trail and you're standing beneath the equally impressive South Twin Arch. In fact, this region within the Cumberland Plateau, which includes the recreation area, national and state forests, and state parks, contains hundreds of such arches.

Just a note: In hopes that there are folks out there actually reading this blog, and thank you if you are. I want the reader to know that I'm travelling for the next few weeks and will not be adding posts as regularly as I would like.

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Laurie Surles said...

I am reading! The picture of the arch are much better than the ones on the website :)